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WELL, HERE WE ARE AGAIN at the beginning of another NEW YEAR.   I, FOR ONE am looking forward to seeing what will develop.  As I began thinking of what it was that I wanted to share with my clients and customers to start the year off at a running start many thoughts came to mind.   Our President has signed into Law a Tax Reform Bill. That for many will have far reaching effects for others there will be only minor changes unless you are in the higher income bracket or own a Corporation.  Not many of us in the Anza/Aguanga area have annual mortgage interest to deduct in excess of $750,000 a year. 

What will affect us more is the Fed Reserve having raised the cost of interest to lenders that borrow money and then loan that money out for the Home loans.   Those Homeowners that are holding ARM’s or Veritable Interest Rate loans. The two past raises increased the monthly mortgage payment by $250.00-$328.00 a month.  It will also affect you when you apply for a home loan in the amount that you will qualify for in buying that new home based on a 30 yr. Mortgage.

Recent articles that I have read indicate, it could decrease by as much as 8% the current potential buyers by moving affordability out of their reach.  Leaving the Seller’s with less buyers seeking that new home.   This in turn could trigger another downward trend in prices due to the “stalling effect” and lack of demand.   Which eventually correct the negative effects of the Higher Mortgage interest rates.  Making a complete circle back to making the market pick up again.  As our weather and higher paying jobs draw more people into California. So you see, this first half of 2018, could be a roller coaster up and down for both Buyers and Sellers.

Another very “hot” topic in our Area which (I hate to bring up) is the soon to be in effect the legalization of “Recreational Use of Marijuana.(Prop 64) ”  The very subject mentioned brings a wide variety of responses.   It seems that over this past year in anticipation of increased demand growers of all size have come into our valleys and some following the recent guidelines of Ordinance 925 have established (quasi-legal grows) I say that because at Federal Level it is still illegal to possess or grow Marijuana. Riverside County in an attempt to respect the Federal Law in that it is illegal to grow, possess or transport it has held to a very narrow exception in the  subject by drafting the Ordinance 925, (July2015) allowing for medicinal use or a grow for the purpose of Medicinal use. 
   As State Officials grappled with the regulations and enforcement issues of Public Safety (the quality of the plants that are grown) and in Taxation to pay for all the additional field officer’s/inspectors, etc. All soon to be needed effective January 2, 2018. While here in the Aguanga/Anza communities there is already concerns being expressed of the increased water usage and the increased demand on power usage that these green houses are putting on our underground aquifers and on the ability of our Rural Electric Co. to carry the demand. 
In addition, we are noted up here for our Night skies, which make the stars and planets “stand out” brilliantly because we have very little illumination after dark to protect that we are restricted in outside lighting as to not interfere with the Palomar Observatory and their Research.    Numerous greenhouse being lite all night are becoming a concern. From the standpoint of the “Growers” I am hearing rumors & grumblings regarding to the fact that so many growers are creating a over-supply and the prices are dropping.  So in closing on this subject, perhaps this is a issue that will handle itself, because for most the whole purpose is the money. 

  Cal-tran is busy, all along, Hwy 79 and Hwy 371 in anticipation of the working on stretches of our Roadways come this Spring.  The intent is to provide  some areas with wider and safer areas for passing,  more paved turn outs for the slower moving vehicles.   Much needed as our traffic and population grows.  We are still the most reasonably priced Homes/Manufactured homes with acreage available extending out from Temecula Valley.  With increased ease of access I am sure we will see increased Buyer demand.

We invite you to log onto our website http://www.cristrealestate.com as frequently as you like, to review the property listings there.  They are updated monthly, these are not just our listings but those of all the Agents that have entered their listings on our Regional MLS, the numbers on the far left allow Us to identify the property and current information on Availability.   We look forward to any inquiries that you might have.

Ending on that note.  I want to wish you all a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.